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Jitterbeans Review

by John on July 6th, 2011 at 1:49 PM

The folks over at reviewed Jitterbeans(r)(Crackheads(r)2), and this is what they had to say:

Read it here: Link

Crackheads2, sometimes referred to as Jitterbeans, are a most amazing caffeinated treat - brilliant in concept and a little too delicious. Why too delicious? Well, every little box contains 600mg of caffeine! This means that while you are quietly muching on a M&M sized bag of yummy candy coated chocolate filled esperesso beans, you are consuming the same caffeine in approximately 6 cups of coffee, 7.5 Red Bulls, or 11 cans of Mountain Dew!

packaging:7 These are a little too powerful to consume in just one sitting. Normally. But the packaging does not really hold up if you try to take it with you. The candy is contained in just a small paper box. It does close nicely, but it does not stand up to any kind of abuse. You can't really shove this into your pocket without melting. The one clever thing is that their is a little pull tab on the back that you can snap out of the paper with a hook. Of course that hook is still paper, so you have to be careful or your jitterbeans will be all over your floor.

The design itself is quite nice though. I love the fonts - and it is very very easy to see what you are getting into with the caffiene. Not only does it list the actual amount, but it has a helpful illustration showing the consumer that 600mg per box equals six 6 cute cups of coffee or 7.5 nameless generic blue and white colored energy drinks.

I love the design of the package, but just wish it stood up to a bit more stress than it does right now.

Taste:10 As much as I like the original Crackheads, these are just as delicious! These are yummy chocolate covered beans, beautiful and roasted to perfection. they came in different sizes, unlike other beans I have tried, like Shock-A-Lots and Charged beans. The beans are covered in a luscious dark and white chocolate coating, tasting like real dark chocolate and not some cheap brown candy glaze. They used 60% cocoa dark chocolate filled with an undetectable caffeine punch in the chocolate itself! Like Crackheads, I have had dozens of brands of chocolate covered espresso beans, these are among the top 5. There is a slight difference between the two flavors though. These Jitterbeans are much more coffee flavored - and have a better candy crunch to them.

Buzz:10 I felt myself dragging and tired after a hard workout day - I spent an hour on the cardio, then a muscle workout after that. But when I got home, I realized that I was not even done for the day - needing to take the kids tot he mall, get on a big dinner and deal with downtown driving. If anything, this was a time for Jitterbeans.

I tried to space them out - I really did! But these tasted sooo good! Within an hour I accidentally consumed the entire box. I caught a glimpse of me in a store mirror with a crazed look a half hour later singing along with Billy Idol and dancing in the mall with my daughter scaring the living hell out of the poor shoppers. The buzz was INSANE!!! It lasted and lasted and lasted - for about a good size hours - enough to get me through the mall, through dinner, and into late night fun too!

In all seriousness, be careful with this stuff. This is like alcohol - you could get yourself a stupid amount of energy and be left carted off in a paddywagon with people thinking you went off the deep end. Enjoy the buzz responsibly. And stay away from Billy Idol tunes while consuming.

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