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Jitterbeans Candy - Blog


$1.00 Boxes Jitterbeans now Available at Your Local Dollar Tree!

by John on December 11th, 2010 at 10:51 PM

Dollar Tree Logo

We are happy to announce Jitterbeans are available at your local Dollar Tree store in 0.60 ounce packages(instead of our regular 1.4 oz packages) for just $1.00! That is 250mg of Caffeine for just $1.00, what a fantastic day indeed!

-If your local Dollar Tree is out of stock, please try a second :)

Update December 9th, 2010
Most of the Dollar Tree stores are carrying them, some are out of stock, and some stores will not have them until next year. When in doubt, find your local stores and give them a shout to see if they have them, they shouldn't be to hard to find:

Dollar Tree Store Locator

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8 Comments so far...

Jitter beans are awesome! LOL at the comment at them being outlawed-I agree..The first time I used them I was detailing my house and had plenty of energy the next morning too! lol I went back and bought them out! The only dollar tree out of several in my area that was carrying them don\\'t seem to be carrying them anymore..were they outlawed here? For sure younger kids shouldn\\'t use them! 3 does the trick for me.

Posted by julia on March 8 at 5:42 PM

Do I have to be 18 or older to buy these?? Lol I want to try them!!

Posted by Gracie on February 27 at 9:29 PM

I predict these Jitter Bean will be outlawed - the caffeine contebt is way high. I bought a box (1.4 OZ size) and started driving on the highway. I ate half the box, and in a few miles I became so nervous that I was afraid of the steering wheel. I felt as if I should pull over and call an ambulance. Of course, I will continue to buy/use/enjoy these asskickin\' beans because they are a good value for the money. But yuh just know that some older kid will give a box to a little kid, and then the trouble will start. Oh, by the way, I went back to the Casey\'s store I bought them at and when I was told they were out of Jitter Beans, I nearly go into a fist fight with the manager - clearly the employees are stealing them.

Posted by Johnny Withburner on January 26 at 8:25 PM

wow, today i saw the jitterbeans candy on the counter of the dollar tree. i tried to get my mom to buy them for me and the lady at the counter yelled at her saying that you have to be at least 18 or older to buy them and she still wouldnt let my mom buy them for me :(

Posted by anna on December 18 at 8:57 PM

Hi Ruth,

The boxes are larger than the contents to provide all of the required labeling information and to be move visible on the shelf. We sell two box sizes, a 1.4 oz box and a 0.60 oz box size. Dollar Tree carries the 0.60 oz box for $1.00 per box.

Posted by John on December 11 at 10:45 PM

I just got them at Dollar Tree. Steve, did you look at the checkout candy? That\'s where I found them, right over the counter. What is with the packaging? there is a divider in the box and one side is empty. They taste good, hoping to get an afternoon boost.

Posted by Ruth on December 10 at 5:31 PM

i can\'t seem to find them at the dollar tree and its not listed on the website either will they be coming soon?

Posted by steve on December 8 at 7:16 PM

Just picked up a few packets to ty out- THey are awesome! I directed a few friends from work to the Dollar Tree to try them out! THey do wel in my line of work..Advertising! :)

Posted by david on November 22 at 1:18 PM