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Mmm... Candy

Display (12) $39.00 $31.20 Save 20%! 1 display tray of Jitterbeans™. Each display contains 12 delectable boxes of Jitterbeans™. That is over 72 cups of coffee worth of Caffeine! Equivalent to $0.49 per cup of coffee, what a deal! Enjoy Jitterbeans™ at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and definitely not before bed.

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2x 8oz. bags for $6 Candy Old Fashioned™ A completely unique gummy flavored like Wisconsin's favorite cocktail, the Brandy Old Fashioned. This non-alcoholic wonder has deep roots in Wisconsin, and also a one-of-a-kind flavor that candy enthusiasts will fall in love with.

Each bag is 8oz.

Larger quantities available, just e-mail us!

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Interested in selling Jitterbeans™ in your store(s)? Please give us a call or contact us here with the subject, Wholesale and we will be happy to have someone send you some information.

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