Jitterbeans Candy - About Us

About Us

Osmanium was officially incorporated in late 2006 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently has 2 flagship products, Crackheads®, and now Jitterbeans™. Jitterbeans™ was created with the idea of fusing gourmet ingredients and products with functional benefits(caffeine). There are so many people that benefit from this product and deserve quality ingredients; be it office personnel, weight lifters, bus drivers, dancers, policepersons, students, or politicians; anyone and everyone who could use a pick-me-up from time to time can benefit from Jitterbeans™.

Jitterbeans™ was created after Osmanium's first product, Crackheads® went national and started to gain more exposure. We have had loads of people who loved the product, but didn't like, or understand the name, Crackheads®. Likewise Crackheads® has grown and continues to do so each day, but Jitterbeans™ was created for everyone to enjoy regardless of their mental attitudes.

After months of research and development and being jacked on caffeine, Jitterbeans™ was born! Jitterbeans™ contains the same caffeine that is in about 6 cups of coffee, 7.5 leading energy drinks, or 11+ cans of soda pop. The product tastes stellar and allows you to bypass all of the problems that liquids(and excessive sugar) cause in our lives. Take Jitterbeans™ anyway, anytime, and enjoy them at your pace. Each box will give you enough energy to live your life's adventures, and without the use of hydrogenated oils or high-fructose corn syrups. In the near future we will be moving to totally natural food colorings as well.

Osmanium is a candy company based born and raised in the midwest and we employ the services of over 30 individuals and are proud to be promoting commerce in Wisconsin and in the United States.

Please, if you have any notions, comments, or questions feel free to contact us.